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I have more! [Mar. 8th, 2009|03:34 pm]
Tweedom is Freedom


Here I go again, I found more lovely things for your viewing pleasure :D

This lovely caravan birdhouse from www.etsy.com

This antler necklace, the whole shop is worth looking at so here is the link to Luxedeluxe's Shop

These knitted boots are sadly a one fo a kind item and they were sold out, but they are gorgeous and I think it would probably be quite simple to make a pair if you were so inclined, so they are here for inspirational purposes!

Shopping delights like these can be found here.

And finally, anyone who has an interest in crafty things, DIY, cooking or home ideas and is not aware of Craftster should head over there post haste!

These knitted cupcakes make me smile to no end, if you aren't too handy with knitting needles or a crochet hook, you can sometimes purchase them here, along with many other cute knitted items, or if you fancy having a bash at making some but wouldn't know how to make up a pattern, the pattern is available to buy here.

Just a final thought, I'm an pretentious layabout with a huge debt art student, and as such, I though I should share soem artwork with you, the beautiful work of Michael Sowa! Fans of the film Amelie will recognise his work, and last week I purchased this print

Which I ADORE and now hangs proudly on my wall :) I have found www.allposters.com are great for not only value but quality and delivery of art prints, and they have a wide range too.

Well thats all for now!