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Welcome to We Be Twee!

Hey Babesters.

Are mary janes with skinny jeans your daily uniform? Do The Go! Team and Architecture in Helsinki dominate your playlist? So you sometimes find youself wishing your name was Jody, Chelsea, or Noelle? Do you rarely leave the house without at least one gold heart, four-leaf clover, or unicorn charm hanging off of you somewhere? Have you seen the movie Amélie so many times you fear you've lost count?

You belong here.

What is Twee? Read an excellent article on Pitchfork!

Posts will be moderated and added based on content and appropriateness to the community. You may post anything involving the twee aesthetic- art, photos, music, fashion, merchandise, dessert recipies, whatever.

Firstly, don't be an ass. Innapropriate conduct in the community or towards other members will get you banned, period. This means no racism, sexism, or any other kind of derogatory behavior.

Selling Posts
Feel free to advertise your twee merchandise and/or products for sale! However, too many sales posts can be annoying, so please limit all sales to one post per week. No exceptions.

Community Advertisements
These will be posted on a case-by-case basis- I don't want to see people joining just to advertise their community. If you're an active member and create or participate in a community that you think other members would be interested in, please share.
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